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Kondo Takahiro
New York City Exhibit, 2001


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Yufuku Gallery in Aoyama (Tokyo)
Konda Takahiro
periodically holds
exhibitions of his
work at Yufuku
Gallery in Tokyo.
Click here for
details & photos.


Kondo Takahiro often works with the color blue. He's following in the footsteps of his Living National Treasure (LNT) grandfather Kondo Yuzo who was named a LNT for his work in sometsuke or cobalt blue. Yet the younger Kondo is far from just imitating grandpa, he's created his own technique that has the works coming out of the kiln looking wet! The "rain frozen through fire" effect is droplets of pure silver that Kondo applies before firing. A few pieces he recently exhibited in New York City had a deep indigo blue color with these silver beads studded on the surface - quite spectacular stuff.

Kondo Takahiro

Kondo Takahiro

Other Kondo pieces at the NYC Exhibit included larger slender forms with stripes.

Kondo Takahiro

Kondo TakahiroKondo Takahiro

Click here to view more pieces by Kondo Takahiro, those on exhibition in Tokyo between March and April 2001.


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