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                   Written by Robert Yellin

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August 2001


Ueda Tsuneji

Greetings Everyone, 

Two things I'd like to share with you.

First, a major NYC auction house is going to have about
twenty-five pieces of contemporary Japanese pottery
in their fall auction. They asked me to introduce a 
few potters and so I suggested Minegishi, Ueda, Kakurezaki,
and a few others. If anyone would like a catalog
sent to them or just a list of items please
let me know and I'll have that sent to you.

I can only get a few so serious inquiries only. I'm
sure something will be up on the auction's website
sometime in the fall and I'll keep you posted.

Second, as mentioned above, Ueda Tsuneji will
have a small white porcelain sake set in the auction.
I really think he was a wonderful potter and not that well-known;
I'm trying to change that. He was part of my NYC talk.. In the fall issue of DARUMA
I'll have an article about him and Murata Gen.
Just today I received five neriage marbled sake cups
that are quite nice. They were part of a set of ten and
a gentleman in Tokyo and I split the lot. He got the signed
box but each of these has a wooden box that I'd
be happy to sign. Ueda was Kawai Kanjiro's
apprentice and passed away in 1987.

I'll keep these cups on hidden pages for about
a week or so. Do have a look, they are quite rare and quite beautiful.

** NOTE ** Below links may no longer function, as hidden pages are removed from the server after one or two weeks.
Prices include EMS.
Finally, next week begins the World Pottery Expo in Korea.

I'll be going next week and will have much to report
sometime in mid-August.
Until then, as always, many thanks for your interest
and stay cool.
Robert Yellin


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