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2005 Newsletter Archive

 December 2005

 The Final Newsletter

2004 Newsletter Archive

August 2004

Online Shuki Exhibit; Asahi Pottery

February 2004

JCS Awards; Furutani Michi Book

March 2004

Uraguchi Masayuki World Debut

Summer 2004

Murata Gen; Bizen; Tanabe Museum

2003 Newsletter Archive

December A 2003

Miwa Kyusetsu XII; Tsujimura Yui; Sake

December B 2003

New Book; Events; Holiday Discount

February 2003

Kato Yasukage; Folk Ceramics

July 2003

New Living National Treasure is Named

March 2003

Japan Ceramic Society Awards

May 2003

Koie Ryoji; Guidebook for Antique Buyers

October 2003

Bizen; Various Exhibits; Tsujimura Kai

2002 Newsletter Archive

April 2002

Bizen Schools; Pottery Care

August 2002

Ranking Japanese Potters

December 2002

New Book; Web Site on Tea

February 2002

New Guidebook; Imaizumi Imaemon XlV

January 2002

Packed Lecture by Antique Dealer

July 2002

Books, Boxes, How-To Magazines

November 2002

Exhibits, Museums, Awards

October 2002

New Musuem in Gifu; New Ceramic Dict.

2001 Newsletter Archive

August 2001

Ueda Tsuneji

June 2001

New Living Nat'l Treasure; Yakishime

May 2001

JCS Awards; Suzuki Osamu Passes Away

October 2001

Kodai (The Foot); Shino Ware


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