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                   Written by Robert Yellin

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August 2004


Online Shuki Exhibit; Asahi Pottery

-- Newsletter Service Changes
-- Shuki Exhibition
-- Asahi Pottery
-- Sake Event in Tokyo
-- Fall Exhibitions

Greetings to all from Mishima,

We will shortly be switching to a new newsletter service and this requires all to re-sign themselves up. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. Please see the instructions below and it really is all quite simple. Again, sumimasen on this and thanks in advance.

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First off, we'd like to thank all of those who 'visited' us for our online shuki (sake vessel) exhibition in commemoration of my new book; all is deeply appreciated. Many works in the book and others from my collection were offered -- some still available -- and it is a great joy to share them in this way. As I wrote before, they each have their own story and have been a part of my life for 20 years or so; they shall always be a part of me. Even now, just in hearing the name or seeing the image of one and I 'feel' the piece in my hands or 'touching' my lips. The works are a mirror of myself, so to speak, and will always be a part of me; letting go in this way is also a wonderful way to receive. If you'd like to see the exhibition, please go to below link and type 'shuki' in the search box.

A recent article in the New York Times featured sake and spoke of how its popularity is rising in the Big Apple. Yet, the author must now 'research' the true ways to enjoy sake, not as he wrote in "wine glasses," yet in fine shuki! To read the article, go the the New York Times homepage (see link below) and search for the article entitled "THE POUR; Sake Takes Its Place By the Reds."

Wahei Aoyama has recently penned a short article for The Studio Potter's latest summer issue. His article was included in a feature that examined the extent of father/son, mother/daughter "lineal traditions" within the pottery world. Wahei's article focused on Asahi ceramic ware of Kyoto, and its defenders Matsubayashi Hosai XIV and Hosai XV. You can read the new article on our website at:

On the evening of Saturday, August 21, from 6:00 to about 9:00, John Gauntner and I will hold another joint seminar on sake and Japanese pottery at Takara, near Yurakucho Station. The sake topic will be sake for the seasons, with examples of sake that might be best enjoyed in summer, spring, fall and winter. The emphasis will be on summer, of course. I will be talking about which sake vessels are best for each season. I'll also have available for perusal and purchase my new book, "Ode to Japanese Pottery/Sake Cups and Flasks." Those that have not seen the book yet can do so here:

The cost for the evening -- half a dozen sake, ample food, a lecture and printed material -- will be 7000 yen. Those interested can reserve a spot by sending me an email. No deposit is required. Takara is located on the B1 level of the Tokyo Forum, the convention center just outside Yurakucho Station.

Looking towards the fall, one major exhibition to look forward to is a Yagi Kazuo retrospective that begins in Kyoto on Sept.28 at the National Museum of Modern Art. It then travels to Hiroshima, Mito, Tokyo, and Tajimi ending in December of 2005. There will certainly be an article and slide show on our site, so stay tuned for that.

In Mishima starting in late October will be a large Bizen exhibition featuring distinctive and varied pieces by at least six artists, possibly more. No names now, yet expect a look at what Bizen is all about today.

That's all for now and as always, many thanks for your interest and support.

Robert Yellin


Copyright 2001

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