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                   Written by Robert Yellin

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December A 2003


Miwa Kyusetsu XII; Tsujimura Yui; Sake

Greetings from Mishima,

Into December we are and I hope this finds you well. As always, we thank you for your interest and support of our web sites this year -- all is deeply appreciated.

I have not sent out a newsletter for sometime ( I hope to have a full one out before year's end), yet will share two pieces of information here. First is the Tokyo debut of the newly crowned Hagi potter Miwa Kyusetsu (formerly known as Ryosaku) at Takashimaya. I had to go, even though I couldn't spare the time, and was able to take a few photos. Let me just say all the chawan were made of Hagi clay and covered in gold. There were 47 chawan on display and almost all had sold. Prices were between 1.5 million and 2.8 million yen. I was impressed with the skill and depth of technique, yet as for chawan -- I was left feeling empty. I will write more on this exhibition in the near future and you can view preview photos of the exhibit here for the next week only:


Also, I was pleasantly surprised to see an article about sake and shuki in the recent issue of Business Week magazine. John Gauntner and I are quoted, as the writer was at our NYC Japan Society talk:


Also, Mr. Wahei Aoyama of EY-NET has written a few fine reviews/interviews on Please do have a look at:



We have uploaded many new items in our catalog ( and if you still need a fine present for the year end, please do take a look.

Let me close with a Zen saying I am fond of:

 Nichi Nichi Kore Konichi
 Each Day is a Good Day

Not good as on the opposite of bad, yet as a day that is unprecedented and unique, no matter whatever "routines" we have. A quiet cup of tea is a fine way to remind ourselves of this
profound truth.

All the best.
Robert Yellin


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