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Bizen Photo Essay
Isezaki Mitsuru, Nakamura Rokuro, Yokoyama S.



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Essay for E-Yakimono

A few weeks ago I was in Bizen and paid a visit to a few potters. One potter I visited, Okayama Cultural Property Isezaki Mitsuru, was a day away from unloading his kiln. He did allow me to take a few photos of the first chamber where he gets a great build-up of ash on the floor (this is where yohen pots come from) and also where he gets his famed goma or "sesame seed" natural ash glaze.

Mitsuru Isezaki peering into his kiln.

Isezaki Mitsuru -- his home

The Kiln

Isezaki's workshop
and kiln chimney

Isezaki Mitsuru --kiln floor

Floor of the kiln

All the yohen pots were still buried in ash and the dripping (nagare) goma pots (see below photo) sat patiently on the shelf after a week of firing.

I would have loved to have been there for the complete opening.

Isezaki Mitsuru -- Nagare goma tsubo

After that I visited 86 year-old Nakamura Rokuro while he was trimming yunomi (tea cups) and then the showroom of young potter Yokoyama Shinichi.

Legendary Rokuro Nakamura
Legendary Nakamura Rokuro
trimming tea cups

Rokuro Nakamura trimming
Nakamura Rokuro

Shinichi Yokoyama's showroom
Yokoyama Shinichi's showroom

Click here for an essay and photos about my visit with Bizen's Kakurezaki Ryuichi. Quite an amazing man and wonderful Bizen pieces.


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