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Tips on Taking Care of Your Pottery



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 Caring for Your Pottery

Already in some parts of the world summer temperatures are appearing. With that brings humidity and the onslaught of mildew in some areas. Here in Japan that is the case, although it is a few months away.

If you have some Hagi, Shino, Shigaraki, or other porous works, you have to be careful during this time of the year. For if you use them and don't dry and store them properly you will find that nasty mildew will appear; yuck!

That's one of the reasons glass and porcelain are popular in summer. Yet, I know I, and many others, still use stonewares all year round. Here's what to do:

  • First, rinse the piece with water and towel dry it.
  • Then, DO NOT put it back in the cupboard! Keep it out in a light and airy place for a few days. That should do it.
  • If however you find some mildew I suggest soaking the piece overnight in a light bleach solution and then overnight once more in a bucket of water.

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